Get around faster

Just as in real life, shortcuts help you get from one place to another faster than lightning in a thunderstorm. This handy list of keyboard shortcuts will help you savor every last second of your day while transporting you around Slack.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly perform an action without your mouse. Press “⌘+/”(“Ctrl+/” on Win) to display the list of all the keyboard shortcuts.

Quick Switcher: use “⌘+K” (“Ctrl+K” on Win) to quickly switch to a different channel or conversation.

Go to the previous or next unread conversation: Alt + Shift + up (previous) or Alt + Shift + down (next).

Set your unread point back: Option + Click to reset your unread point, or click the Show message actions icon   and select Mark unread to keep track of messages you want to follow up on.

Bonus tip: “long press” (tap & hold) on a message in the mobile apps will give you a special menu that includes the option to mark as unread.


  Hop back to your previous channel: Got stuck down a rabbit hole? Type “⌘+[” (“alt+left arrow ” on Win) to switch back to your previous channel.  



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