Merge Slack workspaces

Merging workspaces is a great way to bring members from an organization together to use Slack under one centrally-managed team.

How to merge two workspaces

You can use the export and import tools to move content from one workspace to another. Exports include message history in public channels, links to files shared in public channels, archived channels, and integration activity logs. Private channels and direct messages are excluded from exports.

Tip: We recommend exporting from the workspace with the fewest users and least activity, and importing into the more active workspace.


Step 1: Export data from your first workspace

Starting with the workspace you want to export data from:

  1. Visit the Export Data page at
  2. Click Start Export. We'll email you when your export is complete. 
  3. From the Export Data page, click Ready for download to download the .zip file.

For more help with exports, see Exporting data and message history.


Step 2: Import the data to your second workspace

Warning: Please do not edit your import file — this can cause the import to fail.

Next, from the workspace you want to import into:

  1. Visit the Import Data page at
  2. Click Import next to the Slack service. 
  3. Select Choose File to choose a file to import. You should choose the .zip file you downloaded in Step 3 above.
  4. Click Start Import.

To learn more about imports, see Importing message history.

Note: You’ll have a chance to choose which members and channels you’d like to import, as well as their destinations. Learn more about mapping your import to Slack.

Keep in mind: You can cancel an import in progress, or rollback once it's complete, and start again. Just click Cancel or Start Rollback found in the Import Data page of the service you imported.

Who can use this feature?
  • Workspace Owners and Admins can access this feature. 
  • Available on free and paid plans.

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