Format better messages

Sometimes your messages might need a little something extra, like a quick edit on that spelling gaffe you just noticed (whoops!), or slightly more _emphasis_, or perhaps you just want to reference a past conversation without having to type all those words out again. Good news: there are several ways you can make the most of your messages in Slack!

Edit your last message by hitting the up arrow while in the channel. You can also delete your message using this same trick — just delete all its contents and click Save.

Bring old messages to the top of mind with a single click, and provide extra context to a conversation that you’re having. Hover over the message and click the Share message... icon. Then, choose the channel you’d like to share the message, add a message of your own if you’d like, and press Share!


Other ways to add formatting to text:

  • Bullets: Option + 8 (Mac)
  • Bold: *text*
  • Italics: _text_
  • Strikethrough: ~text~
  • Indenting a line in a block quote: >
  • Indenting a block of text in a block quote: >>>
  • Pre-formatted: use `single backticks` to get your message to display as inline fixed-width text. Or, use ```triple backticks``` to create a block of pre-formatted, fixed-width text like so:


Learn more about formatting your messages on our Help Center.



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