Post JIRA updates to Slack

If your team uses JIRA, you can get notifications in Slack when issues are created or updated. It's easy to set up, and highly customizable!

Note: You'll need to be an Administrator in JIRA to configure this app.


Install the JIRA app

  1. Visit the JIRA page in the Slack App Directory.
  2. Next to your team name, click Install.
  3. Choose a channel where you'd like JIRA notifications to be posted. 
  4. Copy your unique webhook URL to your clipboard.
  5. In JIRA, navigate to Administration  System  WebHooks and create a new webhook.
  6. Enter a name for your webhook, and paste your webhook URL.
  7. Under Events, select the Issue created and Issue updated checkboxes.
  8. Click Create to complete the setup.


Limit updates to certain JIRA projects

Using the JIRA Query Language (JQL), you can limit your webhook to only post notifications from certain projects. For a single project, use project = “Project A”, and for multiple projects, use project in (“Project A”,“Project B”).

Customize JIRA status changes

Slack will automatically post some issue status changes (e.g. Open  Done and Closed   Reopened). Because JIRA is highly customizable, we've made it possible for you to customize the supported transitions to suit your team's needs.

For example, you can add a custom transition for In Development  In Review. Please note that the status names must match the names that are configured in your team's JIRA account.


Wildcard status changes

We also allow the use of wildcards in place of a single status. For example, if you want to receive notifications when any issue (regardless of its status) transitions to Done, you can add a status change that reads *  Done.

Notification logs

When a JIRA issue is created or updated, we temporarily log the event to help with debugging. You can check this log to see if a given status change was delivered or ignored. If you want to then support this status change, it's easy to add to your list!

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