Slack for human resources

For a company to do its best work, it needs an HR team that’s equipped to do theirs too. Keep reading to learn some ways HR teams can use Slack to support employees.


Why use Slack for HR?

  • Streamline onboarding and create a resource destination for all employees.
  • Increase transparency with public discussions when possible.
  • Foster a strong company culture with affinity channels and a place for employees to recognize each other.


Streamline new hire onboarding 

Create a #new-hires channel with all the information new employees need. This gives new members a safe place in Slack to ask questions, explore, and get up to speed. Pin important messages and files to the channel so new folks can learn about your company mission, policies, and more. Invite hiring managers, leadership, and other helpful contacts to the channel so they can introduce themselves and make new employees feel welcome. 


Try creating a #new-hires channels for each new cohort of employees (e.g. #newhires-oct16). Consider making these channels private to solidify a sense of community for each group. Use these channels to /remind new hires about important deadlines, like submitting new-hire documents and registering for benefits.



Create a resource destination 

An HR team strives to keep employees informed about important policies and updates, but your company likely has a few different subsets of employees (full timers, contractors, and even employees in different countries). Create a separate #benefits channel for each type so they have one destination for all of their relevant HR-related info. 


Use posts to create HR and benefits FAQs, then pin them to their related channel. These posts should act as a self-serve information stop before employees ask questions in public channels. When policies change, keep your FAQ posts up-to-date. Also, make sure employees are aware of changes by commenting on the post or by making an announcement in the related channel.



Increase transparency

If employees can’t find the information they’re looking for in Slack, encourage them to ask questions in public channels as much as possible. Unless a topic is confidential or sensitive, providing answers in public channels helps everyone learn (and saves your team time) — plus answers will be archived for future Slack searches!

Use the channel purpose field to describe what information people can expect to find in the channel as well as an estimated response time for questions.


Recognize good (team)work

Create a #kudos channel for employees to recognize each other for all types of achievements. Public recognition goes a long way in helping employees feel appreciated and engaged.


Install a third-party app like Growbot or Bonusly to send and measure recognition over time. This makes it easy to see which employees are contributing the most when it comes time for performance reviews.


Foster team culture 

Create a #culture channel as a place to discuss your company’s culture over time. Guide employees to ask questions, share ideas, and voice their opinions to improve morale and engagement.

Encourage employees to create and join affinity groups so they can connect with coworkers outside their immediate team. Most groups should be open for anyone to join — like #foodies, #happy-place, #music, you name it. We recommend only using private channels when individuals are sharing personal stories about sensitive topics like parenting or women in the workplace.

Tip: For affinity groups, we recommend only creating private channels if individuals are sharing personal stories about sensitive topics like parenting or women in the workplace. 


Try using a third-party app like Leo to measure employee satisfactions and engagement regularly, rather than waiting until once or twice a year to collect feedback.


Slack apps for HR 


Connect Slack with Hired for easy management of your hiring process. Any activity on Hired can be automatically pushed into the Slack channel of your choice, so you can receive updates and discuss hiring decisions all in one place. 



With Bonusly, members provide peer-to-peer recognition with bonuses that can be redeemed from your workspace's customizable reward catalog.


💡  Explore more apps for HR in our App Directory.

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