Trouble receiving emails from Slack

Emails from Slack might include team creation emails, invitations to team members to join your team, optional notices, and email notifications.

If you aren't receiving emails from Slack, here are some things you can try:

General tips

  1. Slack will send emails to the email address listed in your profile. Make sure it’s up to date at
  2. Check your spam and junk folders, as well as any tabs in your inbox, in case emails from Slack are ending up there.
  3. If not, ask your IT team or email service provider whether the emails may be being caught by your email system. They might like to check that emails from and aren’t blocked.


Missing team invitation

If you haven't received your invitation to a Slack team, check with the person who invited you that it was sent to the correct email.

Team Owners and Admins can check pending invitations to make sure that email addresses are correct at To send a new invite to the correct email address, just click the Invite New Members button.

Didn't receive a weekly update email

Weekly team update emails are sent only if your team has four or more active users and has sent 100+ messages in the last week. These emails are sent only to Team Owners and Administrators.

Not receiving DM and @mention notifications

To avoid filling your inbox while you're away from Slack, email notifications of direct messages and mentions are bundled and sent every 15 minutes.

Note: Email notifications won’t go out if Slack is active on on your desktop or mobile.


Still having trouble?

Send us a note! We'll be happy to help you troubleshoot. 🎯

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