The #general channel

Every new Slack workspace starts with a #general channel. It’s unlike all other Slack channels because no one can leave it — which is what makes it so useful! You don’t need to invite anyone to #general — they’ll be added automatically when they join the workspace.

It’s a great place to share important messages. And as workspaces get larger, many opt to stop using #general for discussion, saving it for important announcements.

Tip: If you have an urgent message to share with the entire team, mention @everyone in #general. Ask people to react to your message so you know who’s seen it.

Share what’s important

Everyone can see everything posted in #general, so we recommend discouraging unnecessary messages. There are a few options here:

Decide who can post to #general

If your #general channel is consistently noisy, a Workspace Owner can limit who can post there. Here’s how:

  1. Click your workspace name in the top left to open the menu.
  2. Select Workspace settings.
  3. Click the Permissions tab.
  4. By Messaging, click expand.
  5. Under People who can post to #general, make your selection.
  6. Click Save.

Tip: Owners can also restrict who can use @everyone in #general, as well as @here and @channel in all channels. Just visit Messaging to browse the options.

Note: The #general channel can't be converted to a shared channel.

Alternatives to leaving #general

Though it’s not possible to leave the #general channel, you can:

💡  Check out Reduce noise in Slack for more suggestions about keeping your Slack workspace pleasant and productive.

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