Upgrade to a paid plan

All members except Guests can upgrade their workspace to the Standard or Plus plan by credit card. Some workspaces can generate a self-serve invoice to pay via check or wire transfer. Read on for details.

Note: Your location is automatically detected when you create a workspace, and we use this info to determine your billing currency.

Pay with a credit card

Upgrade your workspace with a credit card to gain access to more features and functionality from Slack’s paid plans.  💳

  1. Visit slack.com/pricing to find a plan. 
  2. Choose a plan, then click Upgrade Now.
  3. Select a payment frequency.
  4. Click Add Company Information and complete the form.
  5. Click Add a Payment Method.
  6. Under Add payment method, enter your credit card information.
  7. Click Complete your purchase to confirm your upgrade.

Tip: If your financial institution is US-based, you can opt for ACH payment. To enable this payment option, contact us.

Note: Apologies! We're unable to accept JCB cards at this time. 


Pay by invoice

If your workspace meets the following criteria, Workspace Owners will see the option to generate a self-serve invoice. Invoices will be emailed to the Workspace Owner and any billing contacts.

  • Your workspace has at least three active members. 
  • You must select the annual payment frequency.
  • On the Plus plan, you must pay for at least 13 members (to a max. of 130).
  • On the Standard plan, you must pay for at least 25 members (to a max. of 250).

Note: If you exceed the maximum number of members allowed for self-serve invoicing, send us a note — we’d be happy to help.

  1. Visit slack.com/pricing to find a plan. 
  2. Choose a plan, then click Upgrade Now.
  3. Choose Annual Billing payment frequency.
  4. Click Add Company Information. Include a purchase order number, if you have one.
  5. Enter your company information, then click Add a Payment Method.
  6. Under Add payment method, select Invoice.
  7. Enter the number of people you’d like to pay for. You can't enter less than the number of active members on your workspace.
  8. Click Review Order, then Send Invoice to send the invoice by email and complete the upgrade.

    Payment is due within 30 days. Our bank account details can be found on the invoice.

Our Fair Billing Policy still applies when paying annually by invoice.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re interested in upgrading to the Plus plan. Today, your workspace has 25 members, but you’d like to onboard the rest of your company to Slack soon (approximately 40 more people). You also want to account for future new hires and a few guest accounts, so you decide to pay upfront for 70 members.

If plans change, (e.g., you don’t end up hiring those new employees this year) we’ll deposit prorated credits to your Slack account. Those credits will be applied when new members join eventually or on your next renewal date.

Who can use this feature?
  • All members except Guests can upgrade the workspace, paying by credit card.
    Workspace Owners who upgrade the workspace can pay by credit card or invoice.
  • All workspaces can be upgraded to a paid plan.

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