To-do lists in Slack

Want to keep track of your own to-do list, or share tasks that are important to your whole workspace? In Slack, you can pin messages, use stars, or add apps to create and manage private or shared to-do lists.

Star messages to create to-do items

Use stars to create a to-do list by starring messages and files that need your attention. Just click the star icon at top right to open the Starred Items pane — and there’s your to-do list! Just remove a star when the item’s done. 🔨

Create a #to-do channel

Creating a channel dedicated to your to-do list is a great way to track and assign group tasks in one place.


Be sure to invite anyone to the channel who needs to add items, make requests or work on the list. Too noisy? You can always create more to-do channels for individual teams or projects if you need to.

And if it’s a personal to-do list, you may like to send to-do items to yourself instead.

Tip: Use emoji reactions to show your teammates you’re working on a request. Try adding eyes emoji 👀 to say “I’m looking at this!” or a check mark emoji  for “all done”.

Pin messages

Pin messages and files as to-do items in your channel, view pinned items to review them, and unpin them when you’re done. Anyone in the channel can add or remove pins, so they’re a great way to collaborate on a to-do list! 

Create a post with a checklist

If you need a more traditional to-do list with items you can check off, you can do this in a post using checklist formatting. Just share the post in a relevant channel so others can edit the list or see the progress made.

Use a task management app

You can find some great task management apps in Slack’s App Directory. Adding an app to Slack will make those tasks searchable within your workspace. Search our App Directory for terms like tasks and todo to get started.

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