Join Slack’s desktop app beta program

To preview the latest Slack for Mac or Slack for Windows desktop app enhancements, you’re invited to try our beta! As a member of Slack’s beta community, you will automatically receive new builds of the Slack app before they become available to the public.

Download the beta

Mac (beta)

Windows (beta)

  1. First, download the Slack for Mac desktop app.
  2. Once the app is installed, go back to
  3. Click Download beta to download the beta app.
  4. In your Downloads folder, double-click the Slack .zip file.
  5. Drag and drop the Slack app icon over to your Applications in the Finder sidebar.
  6. To launch Slack, simply double-click the Slack icon in your Applications folder.
  7. The app will automatically check for updates and install the latest beta within 6 hours. You can also do this manually at any point by going to Slack > Check for Updates.
  1. First, download the Slack for Windows desktop app.
  2. Once the app is installed, go back to
  3. Click Download beta.
  4. In your downloads folder, double-click the file called SlackSetup. Slack should launch once installed.
  5. To open Slack when it's not already in use, double-click the Slack icon on your Windows Desktop.

Tell us what you think

All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Every little bit helps! Click Help > Troubleshooting > Report Issue in the app’s menu bar, or send us a note at 📝

Note: You can opt out of the beta anytime. Click Help > Report Issue and send us a request to unsubscribe. 

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