Slack for Apple Watch

Are you a proud owner of an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and your very own Slack for iOS app? Pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone to receive direct messages and mentions from Slack.

Opening a workspace

  1. Open your Slack app and tap on the screen.
  2. Force touch the Switch workspaces icon to see all your workspaces.
  3. Select a workspace name to make the switch. 


Viewing and replying to your direct messages

  1. View push notifications for direct messages on your Apple Watch home screen.
  2. Open your Slack app and tap the speech bubble icon to scroll through the full list of your direct messages.
  3. Tap a DM and scroll to the bottom of those messages to reply using standard emoji, predefined text, or Siri dictation.

Checking your mentions

  1. View your mentions from your watch’s home screen.
  2. Tap to view the mention and reply to the person who mentioned you, via direct message. 


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