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Combine Salesforce and Slack so you can work more efficiently and keep your team aligned on what's important. 


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How it works

There are two ways to use Slack and Salesforce together:


The Salesforce app from Slack
  • Available from Slack's App Directory
  • Use a slash command to search Salesforce Contact and Account records
  • Share details about a Contact, Account, Lead, or Opportunity with your team by pasting Salesforce links in Slack
The Slack app from Salesforce 
  • Available from Salesforce AppExchange
  • Link Salesforce records with channels in your Slack workspace
  • Share messages between Slack and Chatter 


Install from Slack's App Directory

  1. Visit the Salesforce app page in the App Directory.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Authenticate your Salesforce account.

Search Salesforce from Slack

To search, type the slash command /salesforce and your search term in the message box and hit Enter. For example, we’ve entered /salesforce farm.

Slack will display the top three records — simply click Show Details to see more or to view it in Salesforce.

Note: The /salesforce slash command will search accounts and contacts, but not leads or opportunities.

Get more info on Salesforce links in Slack

Copy the link to a Salesforce record and share it with your teammates in Slack. The link will automatically expand to show details from Salesforce.



Install from the Salesforce AppExchange

Only Salesforce Administrators can install the app from the Salesforce AppExchange. Here's how:

  1. Visit AppExchange Marketplace from the Salesforce Setup Menu.
  2. Search for the Slack app, then click Get It Now.
  3. Review the app components, then click Install

Link your Salesforce records to a Slack channel

Improve communication and transparency around a Contact, Account, Lead, or Opportunity by linking Salesforce records to Slack channels.

Communicate with Slack and Chatter

  • Use the /chatter command in Slack to send updates to Chatter.
  • Enter /slack in Chatter to send a post from Chatter to Slack.


Note: While you can’t customize the Salesforce apps, you can build a custom app if that suits you better. Read our Connecting Salesforce and Slack blog post for more info.

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