Asana for Slack

Asana merges tasks and conversations together to help your team get more work done with less effort, without having to rely on email. With the Asana app, you can merge the power of Asana with your Slack team.


  • Get updates in Slack when a task is created, completed, or commented on in Asana
  • Use slash commands to list, create, complete and comment on tasks


Set up the Asana app

  1. Visit the Asana app page in Slack’s App Directory.
  2. Click Install below the Asana icon.
  3. Select a channel where Asana updates will be posted.
  4. Click Add Asana Integration.
  5. Click Authenticate your Asana account.
  6. Log in to your Asana account, then click Allow to authorize the app.
  7. Specify which Asana workspace and projects will be available in Slack.
  8. Choose how your team will be notified in Slack for new comments on Asana tasks.
  9. You can customize the display name for Asana posts and even add a custom icon. Use Preview Message to see how messages will appear in Slack.
  10. Click Save Integration to complete setup.


Asana slash commands

Command Action
 /asana add [your task]  Create a task
 /asana add [your task] to [project]   Specify a project when creating a task
 /asana add [your task] to @user  Assign a task to someone else when you create it 
 /asana list  View a list all tasks in your workspace in Slack
 /asana complete ID comment  Comment on a task
 /asana complete ID [note]  Complete a task
 /asana help  See a list of all available commands

Note: To assign tasks to a teammate using the /asana add slash command, that teammate will also need to authenticate their Asana account.

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