Run a standup in Slack


Stay up to date with your team’s goals, challenges and wins, without carving out additional time in the calendar.

  1. Choose a standup format and frequency
  2. Let everyone know about the standup in advance
  3. Run the standup and collect feedback


Step 1 - Choose a type of standup and set the frequency

  • Select a type of update you would like the team to post. This could be: 

    🏁  Goalsetting for the week
    💪  Looking back on successes and challenges 
    📅  Highlighting what people are working on today 
    🙅‍♀️  Identifying blockers 
  • Pick the right frequency for your standup. It could be daily, weekly, or on a custom schedule.


Step 2 - Let everyone know about the standup in advance


See it in action

  • You may want to create a new channel just for your standup. Alternatively, you could use an existing channel.

Use this template to introduce the standup to your team



Step 3 - Set a recurring reminder to run the standup


See it in action

  • Use a recurring reminder to schedule the standup.
  • If you've never made a reminder before, try using the remind slash command. For example, you could type the following into Slack's message box to schedule a reminder for every Monday:  /remind #example-channel Please post your top three goals for the week 3️⃣🙌 every Monday at 10am.

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