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As a collaboration hub, Slack brings people, information, and tools together. Many tools and services you use have dedicated applications (apps) built for Slack. These apps make it possible to route the work you do in those tools through your workspace. Let’s talk more about apps and how to use them.

What is an app?

An app for Slack is software built to connect to your workspace. These apps allow you to access another service in Slack, right where you're working. When you don’t have to switch back and forth between multiple tools, you can work more efficiently and quickly.

In the Slack App Directory, you’ll find a number of apps for services you know and love, and discover new ones along the way.

App examples

The company Acme Co. has recently started using Slack. To make Slack their central hub, teams from around the company want to connect the tools they use everyday to their workspace. To understand how apps help teams work smarter let’s look at a few examples. 


Human Resources


The Sales team uses Salesforce to manage customer relationships and to track sales opportunities. Using the Salesforce app for Slack, team members can search and view information from Salesforce right from their workspace.

💡Instead of jumping between Slack (to communicate with teammates) and Salesforce (to log sales opportunities and new deals), the team can work seamlessly in Slack using the /salesforce slash command.

The Human Resources team uses ADP to manage payroll and time-off requests. The team wants to provide employees with an easier way to access their workforce information.

💡With the ADP app for Slack installed, employees can easily (and privately!) access their personal payment information, view their time-off balances, and submit time-off requests without ever leaving Slack.

The Marketing team is looking for an easy way to share campaign performance data in their #marketing-team channel. This channel helps keep the entire company informed about the various marketing projects happening across different platforms.

💡To quickly access performance stats in Slack, the team adds the Statsbot app. This app automatically gives the marketing team the latest metrics on their work in the #marketing-team channel.

What is the App Directory?

When you want to add a tool to your workspace, the Slack App Directory is the place to go. The directory lists apps that have been built for Slack, and each one has been carefully reviewed by our team.

Browse apps

  1. From your desktop, locate Apps in your left sidebar.
  2. Click the  plus icon.
  3. Browse apps that are installed on your workspace and click View, or choose View App Directory to visit the directory.


By default, any member (except for guests) can add apps to a workspace. Workspace Owners can choose to restrict who has permission to add apps. They can also decide which apps can be added to their workspace.

For anyone in your workspace who can add apps, it's important for them to understand what apps can access. Learn more about app permissions.

More about apps

Ready to learn more about apps? There's much more to explore in our Help Center (and our App Directory too!):

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