Convert a channel to private

If a channel's conversation is better suited for a closed audience, you can convert the channel to private. This type of channel is best for discussions that shouldn't be open to everyone.

Before getting started

  • Only Workspace Owners/Admins and Org Owners/Admins can do this, and they need to be a member of the channel beforehand.
  • Files previously shared in the channel will not become private.
  • The #general channel cannot be converted to a private channel.
  • Shared channels will only be converted in the workspace that makes the change.

Convert a channel to private

Warning: It’s not possible to undo this action. For privacy reasons, private channels can never be made public.



  1. En la aplicación para computadora, abre el canal que quieres transformar en privado. (Asegúrate de ser miembro del canal).
  2. Haz clic en el ícono de rueda dentada   en la parte superior derecha.
  3. Selecciona Más opciones en el menú Ajustes del canal.
  4. Elige Cambiar a canal privado.
  5. Haz clic en Convertir en privado para confirmar. Se publicará un mensaje en el canal para que los miembros sepan cuándo se producirá el cambio.

It’s not possible to convert a channel to private using the mobile app.

Restrict who can convert channels

By default, Owners and Admins of a workspace or org can convert channels to private (members don't have the option). If they’d prefer, Workspace and Org Owners can limit channel management preferences – including private channel conversions – to only Owners.

¿Quién puede usar esta función?
  • Workspace Owners/Admins and Org Owners/Admins 
  • Free, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid plans

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