JIRA Integration Troubleshooting & Tips

Supported Events / Transitions

The JIRA integration allows you to receive updates in a Slack channel for the following JIRA events:

  • issue created
  • issue updated to `resolved`.
  • issue updated to `done`.
  • issue updated to `closed`, but not from a resolved state.
  • issue updated to `reopened`
  • issue updated to `in progress` from `done`
  • issue updated to `todo` from `done`

Other transitions or events such as issue comments are not currently supported and you will not see these updates in Slack.  

More statuses and transitions will be supported in a future version of the JIRA integration.


General Troubleshooting

If you're not seeing JIRA updates in Slack for the events listed above, the following steps may help:

  • Confirm your JIRA webhook settings contain the correct webhook URL provided by Slack
  • Confirm the "Exclude details" or "Exclude body" setting in JIRA is not checked
  • If you're using using a self-hosted version of JIRA, ensure your firewall or proxy settings allow outbound connections
  • If you have entered a JQL query in JIRA, try removing it temporarily to see if it's interfering


Adding Filtering

JIRA allows you to enter a JQL query in your JIRA webhook settings to scope which cases are sent to Slack. 

A common scenario for filtering is to direct different JIRA projects into separate Slack channels.  This can be accomplished by creating multiple JIRA integrations in Slack and adding JQL to each webhook in JIRA.  

Example JQL query: project = 'Project_Name_1'

Learn more about JIRA Advanced Searching


Contact Slack Support

Having trouble or other questions?  Please send us the following details in a support request:

  • The last few characters of your JIRA webhook URL
  • The type of JIRA server (cloud or self-hosted) and version (if self-hosted) you're using

Con esa información, intentaremos ayudarte haciendo todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance 

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