Putting Slackbot to use

Slackbot is your resident friendly bot, part-time programmer, and full-time assistant.

 Set up reminders. Slackbot can be like your own personal assistant: just type  /remind, followed by a date or time, and your task, from anywhere in Slack. Like so:

You can also type /remind help for a full list of all /remind commands.

Teach Slackbot custom responses to use in channels, like your office Wi-Fi password. (Only available if your Team Admin has enabled this option).

Forward your emails to Slackbot so you can stop monitoring your inbox. See Sending emails to Slack for more on how to forward emails to the channel or direct message of your choice. (Available to teams on the Standard or Plus plan.)

For more ways to work with Slackbot, check out Slackbot: your assistant and programmable bot on our Help Center.



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