Using single sign-on with Slack

Slack's single sign-on feature makes it easier for your members to access your Slack team securely. ? ✨

Setting up SSO for your team

Choose your preferred plan and learn more about the types of single sign-on options available to your team.

    Plan Estándar Plan Plus Enterprise plan
Google Authentication Enabling Google Apps single sign-on with Slack

SAML-based SSO (Okta, OneLogin, and Ping)  Enabling SAML single sign-on with Slack  


Connecting with your identity provider

Slack has pre-built configurations for these identity providers, to help you along the way.

Custom SAML

Managing SSO for your team

Once your team has single sign-on enabled, these articles will help you understand the options around SSO authentication settings and actions you can take to keep your team secure.

Understanding SSO authentication settings

Forcing a single sign-on session reset
Connecting your SSO account with Slack
Team-wide two-factor authentication
Disabling single sign-on
Team-wide password reset

Managing team members with SCIM provisioning

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