Email template to make the case for Slack

Need a little help building a business case for Slack? We want to make this process a little easier for you, so we’ve put together an email template to help you explain why your team should try using Slack.



  1. Customize [bolded] terms.
  2. Add as much additional context as possible to help make your case. For example, what are common pain points your team faces and how can Slack help solve them? 
  3. Remove any information that isn’t relevant to your team.
  4. Review additional resources for more information to include.  
  5. Send the email to whoever on your team can approve your pilot.

Customizable template

Hi [name of recipient(s)],

I’ve been thinking about ways to improve how our team works together, and have heard a lot about how Slack helps teams become more productive. I’d like to propose that we run a pilot for our team.


What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging platform that helps teams work together and get things done. It connects to 500+ different tools and services, including [insert names of your team’s tools]. And, everything in Slack - messages, notifications, files, etc. – is automatically searchable so it’s easy to find information when you need it.


How can Slack help our team?

Slack will help our team be more productive by:

Keeping conversations organized
Slack makes it easy to find all work related to a specific project in one place, rather than scattered across various email threads and meeting notes. Conversations in Slack happen in public channels that are organized by topic, project, department, etc. For example, we could have channels for [insert your department name and key projects].

Working with the right people to get things done
Public channels make it easier to work across the company, regardless of what team they’re on. You can loop in the right stakeholders from [design/marketing/etc.] and work together to keep the project moving forward. As projects progress and new people are added, it’s easy for them to find the context they need to get up to speed quickly.

Staying focused on what’s important
Slack will help us reduce the amount of information we manage every day so we can focus and get more done. Unlike email, Slack is only used for internal communication. This means we won’t need to spend time sifting through marketing emails or notifications from third parties. Instead, channels make it easy to follow the topics you care about and quickly see what needs your attention. You can also leave channels for topics that aren’t relevant to you and re-join at any time.


Next steps

I'd like to propose the following:

  • Pilot: We test using Slack for [insert project name] with [insert which team(s) will be involved with the pilot]. I’ll ask the team to commit to only using Slack for all communication related to the project. We can also connect Slack to [insert name of file sharing and project management tools].
  • Timeframe: [estimated duration of project]
  • Measuring success: At the end of the pilot, I’ll check in with the team to see how it went compared to past projects. In particular, was it easier to work together using Slack? Was the project completed faster than usual? If the pilot is successful, I can help come up with a plan for rolling it out to the rest of the team.
  • Note: Slack is free for an unlimited period of time, so we can try the pilot and make sure it works for our team before we consider whether a paid plan makes sense.


How does this sound? I will also put some time on your calendar to discuss the above and next steps.

[Your name]

Additional resources

Need more information to help make your case? We’ve got you covered with these helpful resources:

  • Product tour: Additional resources to share with team members who aren’t familiar with Slack.
  • Survey results: We surveyed our customers to understand how Slack helps their teams work. Here’s what we found.
  • Customer stories: Learn how customers from two-person startups to Fortune 100 companies are using Slack to make their working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.
  • Wall of love: Hear how our customers feel about us, directly from the source.
  • Email template for introducing Slack: Once you’ve gotten the green light for the pilot, use this template to help get your team on board.

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